Wichita KS Garage Builders, Overhead Door Company, Rebuilds Aviation Doors


It was a little bit of a fixer-upper……..

The hangar doors on this FBO hangar were in desperate need for updates! The biggest complaints were that the doors were manually operated & had essentially no weather seals; the doors were cumbersome & unsafe to use and were providing little protection against the Oklahoma weather. Our aviation specialists engineered the best solution to fix these issues along with other problems with the door framing and bottom rails. Our certified specialist,Overhead Door Wichita/Aviation & Specialty Doors did a phenomenal job in the field from demolition of the old door to complete installation of our door system. Together we were able to exceed the client’s expectations!

Review of what was done based on client’s wish list:

  • Doors changed to electrically operated so they are now safe and easily managed during operation.
  • Installed our weather seals for a tight perimeter seal.
  • Insulated door panels for further weather protection and sheeted the doors with light admitting panels allowing natural light to come in, both reducing overall operating costs.
  • Added personnel doors with-in the hangar door sections for ease of pilots and personnel to enter and leave the hangar bays.
  • The top guide tracks & parts of the bottom rails were in good shape and able to be re-used. The parts of the bottom rails that could not be re-used were replaced.


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Overhead Door was at my house a few hours after I had called. They are speedy and professional.
-Chris Grant


I always make sure to call the locally owned Overhead Door Company. They are reliable and have great customer service.

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