Where are you located?

We’ve moved! Visit our new location at 6215 E Kellogg – just west of Woodlawn on the south side of Kellogg.

Do you sell parts to the “do it yourselfers”?

You bet. We will gladly assist with the necessary parts and expert advice.

Can I purchase a spring and replace it myself?

Certainly. Just bring the old spring to our office and we can measure the spring and gauge the wire size to be sure to get the correct replacement spring. There are two types of springs. Extension springs stretch over the track from the wall to the back of the track. If the spring is unavailable, the correct weight of the door is needed to provide the proper spring. A Torsion spring winds around the shaft which sits on the wall above the door opening. If the spring is unavailable, print FORM and bring the measurements with you. Changing a spring can be dangerous should be done by a professional!

Can individual sections of a door be replaced?

Yes, individual sections can be replaced on a sectional door. It is best to call and have an estimator come out for a free estimate. This is the best way to determine the size, brand, meeting rail type and availability of the section.

Can you help me program my remotes or keyless entry?

Call in to the office at 265-4634 and ask for parts, with the following information: brand of operator, model number and a transmitter in hand. It may be necessary to reach the motor which is hanging from the garage ceiling. If we are unable to walk you through the process over the phone, we would be happy to set up a service call to have a service technician come out and program them for you.

Is it possible to get another transmitter?

If the transmitters are still available, we can get one. Bring in a working transmitter and we can get an additional transmitter matched to your frequency for around $30 to $45. If there are no working transmitters, it may be necessary to bring in the receiver or schedule a service call.

Do you have parts?

We have a parts department that can help with most any part for operators or doors, commercial or residential. It is helpful to bring in the old part, a sketch or as much information as possible to make sure the part is the exact match to the one that is needed.

Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

Yes. We take Visa, Master Card and Discover. Call or come in to our office to pay your bill by credit card.

Can I get a service call today?

It depends on the work load and time of day. We will try to work in as many service calls that we possibly can. We also have emergency service available 24/7 for an additional charge.

Do I have to be home for a service call?

No. As long as the service technician has access to the garage and is able to work on the problem, there is no need for anyone to be home. An invoice will be mailed to you in approximately 3 days. We will need to have any vehicles in the garage moved out prior to making repairs.