Garage Door Spring Replacement in Wichita

Reddi Overhead Door Company sells and installs garage door springs for almost any type of door. If you’d like a spring replacement estimate, give us a call.

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Garage door springs typically last between eight and 12 years, depending on how frequently the door is opened and closed. A broken spring is a common repair, and will eventually be required of any door. Please note, garage door springs are under high tension, and can be dangerous. We strongly suggest having springs replaced by an experienced installer.

Your overhead door will have one of two types of springs; a torsion spring or a pair of extension springs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the more common type. These springs are mounted on the middle of the wall above your garage door opening, parallel with the door. Torsion springs are couple of feet long, and vary in size based on the size of the garage door. It’s generally easy to tell if you have a broken torsion spring, because it will be in more than one piece. If there are gaps in the spring, it’s broken. Torsion springs often make a loud popping sound when they break.

Garage Torsion Spring
Garage Torsion Spring

Extension Springs

Extension springs are often found on older doors. These springs run parallel to the garage door tracks that the door rolls on. There will be one on each side. Extension springs vary in size depending on the height and weight of the garage door. They can also have different ends, where the loop of the spring connects to the door. These spring also break into two or more piece, and they may detach from the door when the break.

Garage Door Maintenance

The pop of a breaking spring can be alarming, and dangerous. Because there is more tension when the door is closed, springs often break when they are in the closed position. If you have an older spring(s), it’s a good idea to consider proactively replacing it before it breaks. If you have a squeaky spring you can lubricate it with a lithium-based grease designed to prevent rust and corrosion. Proper lubrication can reduce noise, and extend the life of the spring. If you like an estimate, give us a call.

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