Is an Insulated Garage Door Worth the Cost?

September 25, 2020

An insulated garage door costs more than a standard door, but most homeowners agree they pay for themselves quite quickly through energy savings, durability and comfort.

Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Noise
  • Increased Comfort
  • More Consistent Temperatures
  • Dent Protection
  • Added Home Value

What is an Insulated Garage Door?

Garage doors are typically made of aluminum or galvanized steel. On a standard door, this metal is exposed on both sides of the door with no additional layers or barriers. An insulated door includes additional layers material and insulation (typically polystyrene or polyurethane) on the door’s inside. These extra layers prevent hot or cold outside air from impacting the temperature in side the garage.

By helping maintain a consistent temperature inside the garage, insulated doors can also reduce energy usage inside a home, as the walls connecting to the home will have a more moderate temperature.

The level of insulation is expressed as an R-value (resistance to heat flow). The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.

Noise Reduction and More…

In addition to energy savings, insulation also reduces the amount of noise that can pass through the door. Noise reduction works both ways, so you’re less likely to hear outside noises in your garage, and sound you make inside the garage is more likely to be contained inside.

Another benefit that is often overlooked is dent protection. On the exterior, because there the metal door has a backing, there is some added protection from objects that may it the door. Some of the force of an object hitting the door is dispersed and absorbed by the insulation. On the interior, the insulation and protective layers provide a solid barrier between the interior gand the metal surface.

If you’re building a home, installing a new door, or looking to upgrade, give us a call for a free estimate. We install standard and insulated garage doors, with dozens of options and features to choose from.

Insulated Door Panel
Insulated Garage Door Panel